American Society of Engineering Education: EDGD Conference in Limerick

Earlier this week we launched the LDP website as a preview for potential authors and those interested in buying the books when they are ready. This launch is also in time for the American Society of Engineering Education: Engineering Design Graphics Division (ASEE EDGD) Conference at the University of Limerick (18-20 November). This is the first occasion on which the EDGD has taken the mid-Year conference outside of the US. There will delegates from the US, of course, but also from all over Europe. We are hoping that some of them will be interested in LDP, as supporters, authors or readers.

Ken Baynes has prepared the Opening Keynote Address which draws on his forthcoming book DESIGN: Models of Change (… view the Book Page ). We are anticipating that this book will be ready for publication in early 2013. This will be the first title published by LDP. We are delighted to be getting started and, particularly proud to be publishing Ken’s book. Ken has been a leading figure in design education since the 1970s and the book reflects the wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained in his advocacy of the importance of design and design education for all our futures. The second book we hope to publish will be a collection of papers edited by Niall Seery, GRAPHICACY AND MODELLING: Establishing Research Agendas in Education. There will be a meeting of contributors to this book at the EDGD Conference and we hope the book will available towards the end of  2013.

There’s also going to be a meeting to discuss a European Bid concerning Graphicacy and Modelling under the Leonardo da Vinci scheme. The bid will be lead from the University of Cyprus, and Loughborough Design School and the University of Limerick are already involved. Other partner universities might emerge at the Conference.

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