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Drawing to Learn Anything

ISBN References

ISBN [Paperback, B&W] 978-1-909671-24-9 … £12.99 RRP
ISBN [Mobi, B&W] 978-1-909671-25-6 … £4.99 RRP

The paperback is available from The Great British Bookshop

A print replica ebook version for Kindles is available from Amazon.

About This Book

Drawing to Learn Anything is a collection of ideas and explorations into how simple, non-skilled drawing can help you learn more effectively in subjects across the curriculum.

It shows you how even crude, stick people style drawing can help you remember better, help you to understand complicated text, become better at maths and even answer essay questions.

Do not be put off using this book if you can’t draw. If you can write your name you will be able to use the simple techniques outlined.

It can be used be used by students or teachers aged seven and above, from the Primary phase to Degree level, young or old.

Paul Carney is an artist and art teacher with twenty-five years of experience, teaching in almost every curriculum area. He understands the frustrations some people have when they draw, and the book takes you through drawing for learning in easy stages so that anyone can use these techniques whatever your ability.

‘Drawing for learning works!’

Professor Alice Roberts

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