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Drawing for Science, Invention & Discovery: Even if you can’t draw

ISBN References

ISBN [Paperback, B&W] 978-1-909671-19-5 … £9.99 RRP
ISBN [Mobi, B&W] 978-1-909671-20-1 … £3.99 RRP

The paperback is available from The Great British Bookshop.

A print replica ebook version for Kindles is available from Amazon.

About This Book

This book is aimed at all the scientists, mathematicians, engineers, pioneers and thinkers out there who understand the value of creative thinking in their field. It identifies some of the key cognitive processes that drive innovation, invention and discovery. They are compared and then illustrated, the cognitive processes behind them explained, or exercises provided so that you might improve these skills in yourself or your students.

Nine processes are discussed from both a STEM and an art perspective: observation, collaboration, knowledge, serendipity, methodical, alternative viewpoints, trial & error, adaptation and visualization.

It is not a ‘How to Draw’ book, nor do you need to possess any drawing or art ability yourself in order to do the exercises. What it will do is show how the visual, semantic process of drawing is essential to our progress and a language in its own right, not a gift for the talented few.

‘No matter where you’re starting from – whether you’ve always loved drawing, or you’re just trying it out; whether you think of yourself as an ‘artist’ or a ‘scientist’ – I think the exercises in this book could help to make you a better draughts-person and encourage you to realise your own creative potential’.

Professor Alice Roberts

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