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Poster Download of Latest BooksLDP is an online publisher, and hence its website and tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are vital aspects of its marketing strategy. However, when the chance arises, we’ll also be keen to attend ‘real events’. The first such event we have been invited to attend is TIME FOR TEA!, which is being organised by the NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art & Design). It takes place at the National Gallery in London on 9 November and more details can be found on the NSEAD website. Ken Baynes will be amongst the speakers and will be talking about his new book. We’ll post a further item about the event closer to the day.

The venues for such events will all be different and so we’ve tried to prepare a flexible strategy. With the help of Simcoemedia we have designed an LDP banner and we already have videos available on the LDP YouTube Channel in which the authors discuss their work. We decided we might also need a poster for each book. So here are the first 2 in the series:

The third of LDP’s titles will be the book by Dr Xenia Danos of the University of Cyprus, Graphicacy and Culture: Refocusing on Visual Learning. Although the book will not be available until late November, we have included it in our marketing for this event because TIME FOR TEA! has a particular focus on visual literacy. The flyer gives a first sight of the cover for Xenia’s new book

> Download the LDP Flyer

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