Peter Green reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’


Design: Models of Change

A  Book for Everyone … 

This is a major book on a topic that touches all our lives and is vitally important to the future of the environment. It is a scholarly book written by an academic who is also a practising designer.

But for all its academic authority  the book is a delight to read  – it is fun and fast moving, it engages our interest.  It is a book about design and designerly thinking and is itself a brilliant example of effective and good design – the illustrations work well and it is easy to read and understand.

Everything that people make has to be imagined before it can be made – first it is modelled in the mind’s eye and then developed through physical models and drawings.  The book explores this process through practical examples .  We examine the everyday use of drawing and explore how human beings use design activity to create, shape and change their environment and the book importantly addresses our impact on the planet and how we may shape the future of our material culture.

One thing that makes this book so readable is that much of the material comes from Ken’s own experience as a designer and teacher.   In many ways it is a reflection on his life’s work and covers all manner of important fields such as cooking and gardening, teaching, town planning the environment, engineering and building – a whole range of human activity in which design is a central factor.

The breadth of the book is staggering and it is one of the most important studies on the nature of design and its impact on our world that has been written in recent years.

Design is not just for designers, it is a basic human activity in which we are all involved in shaping our world and taking responsibility for its future.  Ken Baynes is a leading authority on these crucial matters  and addresses with real insight the need to better understand how we may create a sustainable lifestyle for the future. He should be listened to and read, especially as he writes so well.

Professor Peter Green OBE  July 2013


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