Peter Gregory reviews ‘Design Education: a Vision for the Future’

Image from AD magazine for the review of DEVFHere is a good example of a responsive publication.  It grew from a lecture originally given in 2010 by Ken Baynes and is developed as a collection of essays using the same ‘seven key themes around which a future vision of design education could be framed’.  In part it celebrates what had already been identified as the core of the subject. The challenging dimension of the book is that those aspects are well used to articulate what the subject should become as a clear response to the ‘astonishing’ proposals put forward in the earlier (February) draft of the National Curriculum (NC) for Design & Technology.

It is not a long book – only 100 or so pages but each of the nine contributors provides clear insight to  a particular focus – including aims, encouraging the imagination, the values of learning through making etc. All pose significant questions; all are clearly dismayed at the prospect of losing sight of the fundamental themes in the assumptions made in the NC. In these sentiments there are many parallels to be made with the NC subject content of art and design.

Should you read this book?  I would strongly suggest that you do. Some of the concerns raised in it may have been answered in the revision of the NC but that is not the real issue.  The contributors writing with passion, from their own experience and reflection raise their corporate voice. Composed through the themes, this invites our consideration and hopes to provoke reflexive action.

Peter Gregory, Senior Lecturer in Education (Creative Arts), Canterbury Christ Church University

AD, The National Society for Education in Art and Design magazine, Spring 2014, Issue 9, p.9


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