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Graphicacy and Culture: Refocusing on Visual LearningLiteracy, Numeracy and Graphicacy …

We are delighted to announce the publication of Xenia Danos’ new book, which contributes to the creation of a platform for education in the area of graphicacy and refocusing on visual learning. As Xenia states at the beginning of her book:

Just like literacy and numeracy, graphicacy is a vital tool for communication, learning and everyday life

The book has been painstakingly developed from Xenia’s highly regarded PhD thesis, which she completed in 2012.  The thesis can be freely downloaded from Loughborough University’s Institutional Repository. The foundation for the book is Xenia’s literature review concerning the development of graphicacy in humans. Despite exploring over 2000 references, the prior research was limited in scope, but raised many potentially interesting points of departure.

Ken Baynes puts this literature review in context with an opening essay on the significance of the visual in Western culture. He explores the role of graphicacy in cultural change, its role in establishing continuities, and particularly its significance for shaping the future through modelling and design. After discussing graphicacy in education, its development and progression, and relationship to students’ learning, Xenia presents a new taxonomy that she designed primarily to facilitate the analysis of graphicacy across educational curricula, although it has wider application.

Graphicacy is vital to an extraordinary range of human activities ranging from design to archaeology. It is a key medium for communicating ideas, information and proposals in everyday life. A feature of Xenia’s book is a number of case studies demonstrating current graphic practice in professions as diverse as dentistry, psychotherapy and engineering. Taken together they serve to substantiate her argument for the use of graphic media as a means of learning and expression in education. The book’s purpose is to get graphicacy on the educational agenda and it makes a powerful case.

The book also provides a framework for more specialist forthcoming LDP titles that take the connection between graphicacy and design into related areas of practice and education.
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You can see Xenia Danos  talking about Graphicacy and Culture: Refocusing on Visual Learning  in the video below:

If you would like to hear a different speaker discuss Literacy, Numeracy and Graphicacy, then Tommy McCall’s TEDx:East talk is excellent… … and a free poster is also available from our Downloads page.


LDP’s recommended supplier is The Great British Bookshop:Great British Bookshop The book is also available from  good book stores (eg Waterstones) and online book sellers (eg BOOKS etc).  The book is available in ePub, Mobi and pdf formats.

ISBN References

ISBN: [hardback, colour] 978-1-909671-06-5 … £55.00 RRP
ISBN: [paperback, B&W] 978-1-909671-07-2 – £15.99 RRP
ISBN: [ePub ] 978-1-909671-08-9 … £18.99 RRP
ISBN: [Mobi ] 978-1-909671-09-6 … £18.99 RRP
ISBN: [pdf ] 978-1-909671-10-2 … £18.99 RRP

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