Frank Hills reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’


Design: Models of ChangeAn Eye Opener …

Before reading this book, for me design was simply the planning process before making things. Ken Baynes sees it as something much broader and by studying his book I feel a serious gap has been revealed in my education.

Ken Baynes has a very clear direct style of writing with information in every paragraph, absorbing to read. He writes clear thinking and presents much for discussion.

This is a modern book, about today’s conditions, thinking and forward looking, introducing and clarifying subjects relating to design in its broadest sense.

The author is particularly concerned about future developments in design in relation to our survival on this planet. He is acutely aware of the need for us to take positive action in designing for the future, our role in the destiny of our planet and all life on it.

For anyone in my position, uninformed about the wealth of design as a subject I would thoroughly recommend this book. For those informed about design thinking again I would recommend it for the uniqueness of presentation of Ken Baynes personal contribution to promote this subject as a clear, readable well organised compilation of  design thinking today.

Frank Hills …Artist,  July 2013


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