About Kathy Norman

Kathy Norman is Managing Director of Loughborough Design Press. She has ten years of experience in the publishing, print and paper industries and has a PostGraduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management from Cranfield University.

Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Environmental issues concerning books and ebooks relate to: energy (printing, transportation, servers and distribution) materials (paper, inks, ereaders) end of life (recycling, stock and electronic product disposal). We are aware that there are also social issues, such as visual impairment and inclusivity, and economic issues, such as the support of traditional bookshops and High streets, to consider. LDP will strive to get the balance of these issues appropriate and will attend to any matters raised in relation to the judgements made.

We aim to produce high quality books on design education, whilst minimising our environmental footprint. We are still starting out, but we believe everyone can make a difference, and we are working to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, right from the beginning. We are open to innovation and to new ideas and technologies, to help us create a more sustainable business. The ways in which we manage our environmental impact include,

  • Making electronic books available
  • Printing hard copies to order to minimise waste
  • Ensuring all paper used is FSC and/or PEFC certified
  • Recycling waste where possible
  • Aiming to use local printers to reduce transport
  • Encouraging working from home and virtual meetings
  • Minimising business travel and avoiding flying
  • Maximising use of electronic marketing methods
  • Choosing partners with certified environmental management systems

We are always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions, comment here or contact me (Kathy Norman) via