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Redesigning D&T: Practitioner Theory

Switch to draftPreviewUpdateAdd title The commonly held view of knowledge creation is that research leads to new knowledge that influences practice. Practitioner theory suggests an alternative model, namely that it is practice that can lead to new knowledge, which can subsequently be researched and refined. One model is essentially the reverse of the other. In […]

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Redesigning D&T … Talking … Thinking

ISBN References ISBN [Paperback, B&W] 978-1-909671-26-3 … £9.99 ISBN [ebook, mobi] 978-1-909671-27-0 … £2.99 The paperback is available from The Great British Book Shop A print replica ebook version for Kindles is available from Amazon. About This Book Technology changes and design contexts move on. Design areas that are central to children’s experiences might need to be […]

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