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Redesigning D&T: Topdown approaches

One of the key experiences that shaped my attitude towards the likely success of topdown approaches was writing a 16+ textbook in response to a supposed ‘Common Core’ for A-Level Design and Technology. By the late 1980s interest in the subject was growing, but the existence of 90+ different A-level syllabuses relating to the design […]

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Redesigning D&T … talking … thinking … and then?

Eddie Norman … investigating? … piloting? … exploring? … modelling? There are many possible responses, but … research … might be one that springs to mind, and it begs many questions. Research has been a term used to describe all kinds of investigations within D&T in schools.   What kind of research? Who should the […]

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Redesigning D&T

Eddie Norman LDP’s new title Redesigning D&T was launched on Tuesday 6 July and these are the 3 key areas I noted concerning its background: the decline of D&T; who the designers of a curriculum should be; and knowledge in D&T. THE DECLINE OF D&T The book is one result of the many interesting discussions that […]

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