Design Education: A Vision Lost?

Dandelion and Fossil

Key aspects of design education such as encouraging the imagination; the importance of learning through making and the relationship of theory, knowledge and practice are seemingly becoming lost in the presentation of ever more regressive positions concerning its place in the English National Curriculum. This video seeks to re-introduce the fundamental importance of these ideas and of design education in the curriculum that all children experience.

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The Right Type

Ken Baynes discusses the decision processes involved in choosing the typeface to be used by Loughborough Design Press in their book publications and beyond.

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Happy Birthday RCA!

RCA Building with Bicycle

The Royal College of Art is 175 years old this year. It opened in 1837 as the School of Design. To put this into historical perspective Queen Victoria became Queen that year and Robert Stephenson was putting the finishing touches to the London and Birmingham Railway which began to run trains between Euston and the Black Country in 1838.

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American Society of Engineering Education: EDGD Conference in Limerick

Earlier this week we launched the LDP website as a preview for potential authors and those interested in buying the books when they are ready. This launch is also in time for the American Society of Engineering education: Engineering Design Graphics Division (ASEE EDGD) Conference at the University of Limerick (18-20 November).

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Loughborough Design Press Website Launch

Loughborough Design Press Website

The Loughborough Design Press website has been officially launched. Loughborough Design Press (LDP) has been established by Ken Baynes (Editorial Director) and Eddie Norman (Managing Director) in order to support the establishment of a strong discourse surrounding the importance and development of design education.

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