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An Iterative Model of Designing

If you have an interest in design education, then you’re likely to have already read the Department for Education’s Design and Technology Draft GCSE Subject Consultations. Responses are due by 20 November.  I read through the document and was initially left feeling quite comfortable, rather unchallenged, in fact I thought I quite liked it in […]

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Published – Graphicacy and Culture: Refocusing on Visual Learning


Literacy, Numeracy and Graphicacy … We are delighted to announce the publication of Xenia Danos’ new book, which contributes to the creation of a platform for education in the area of graphicacy and refocusing on visual learning. As Xenia states at the beginning of her book: Just like literacy and numeracy, graphicacy is a vital […]

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Peter Gregory reviews ‘Design Education: a Vision for the Future’

DEVF review (AD)

Here is a good example of a responsive publication.  It grew from a lecture originally given in 2010 by Ken Baynes and is developed as a collection of essays using the same ‘seven key themes around which a future vision of design education could be framed’.  In part it celebrates what had already been identified […]

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John McCardle reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’

Design and Technology Education: An international Journal, 19(2),  June 2014, p.52 It’s not often I get the opportunity, let alone the inclination, to delve into a book and read it cover to cover. There are some books however that pull you in and refuse to let go. I am pleased that Ken Baynes’ latest publication, […]

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Taking Tea at The National Gallery

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On the 9 November Loughborough Design Press (LDP) set out its stall at the Time for Tea! Conference at the National Gallery. We were delighted to have been invited to take part in this national conference to explore ‘drawing as thinking, expression and action’ (TEA). The importance of drawing and, perhaps even more broadly, mark-making is central […]

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David Spendlove reviews ‘Design Education: a Vision for the Future’

  The last few years have been a very difficult period for those involved in the Design and Technology education community. A change of government and a change of emphasis saw Design and Technology potentially marginalised in favour of a back to basics ‘analogue curriculum in a digital age’. Creativity, Technology and ‘Designerly Thinking’ were […]

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Frank Hills reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’

  An Eye Opener … Before reading this book, for me design was simply the planning process before making things. Ken Baynes sees it as something much broader and by studying his book I feel a serious gap has been revealed in my education. Ken Baynes has a very clear direct style of writing with […]

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Eileen Adams reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’

  Anyone who has read any previous writing by Ken Baynes will greedily devour this book! And then they will read it all over again – and again. Everything you wanted to know about designerly thinking – it’s all here! Confused about cognitive modelling? Don’t worry, there’s a full explanation! Trying to differentiate between professional […]

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Peter Green reviews ‘Design: Models of Change’

  A  Book for Everyone …  This is a major book on a topic that touches all our lives and is vitally important to the future of the environment. It is a scholarly book written by an academic who is also a practising designer. But for all its academic authority  the book is a delight to […]

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Published – Design: Models of Change

Design: Models of Change

The book that Ken Baynes has been working on for around 10 years is now published. In writing the book, Ken has drawn on a lifetime’s research and experience, from his early career leading the Design Education Unit at the Royal College of Art, and from his time as a Visiting Professor in the Loughborough Design School (LDS).

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